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Viola bow by Vladimir Radosavljevic


Vladimir Radosavljevic’s journey in the world of music and bow making is a remarkable tale that spans continents and decades.

Born in 1971 in Belgrade, Serbia, Vladimir’s passion for the violin led him to dedicate 14 years of his life to its study. He pursued his musical education at the University of Music in Belgrade before taking a pivotal step in 1991 when he secured a position as a violinist in the Teatre T orchestra following a successful audition.

However, in 1993, Vladimir made a bold decision to test his fortunes in the United States, bidding farewell to his role in the orchestra and embarking on an unpredictable journey.

Upon his arrival in the USA, Vladimir quickly crossed paths with Mr. Joe Da Cunha, who introduced him to the art of bow repairing. Vladimir eagerly embraced this new endeavor and began honing his skills under the guidance of his friend, Michael Gerson, a student of Otto Erdez. Within a few months, Vladimir’s craftsmanship caught the attention of Jaques Francais, a renowned figure in the field, who occasionally enlisted Vladimir for repairs and rehairs.

By 1995, Vladimir had established himself as a bow repairman, collaborating with various shops in New York and Connecticut. Notably, he started working with Mr. Brice Dupin de St Cyr, serving his Carnegie Hall office, and Constanatin Popesku of Connecticut.

During this period, Vladimir also delved into the world of bow making, taking his first steps in crafting bows of his own.

In 1998, Vladimir crossed paths with Mr. Carlos Martins Del Picchia, who had studied bow making at prestigious institutions. Together, they decided to launch a bow-making business in Brazil. Under the daily guidance of a master bow maker, Vladimir crafted his initial bows.

As time progressed, Vladimir frequently traveled to New York, showcasing his bows and deepening his knowledge of bow making, all while benefiting from the expertise of renowned bow maker Isaac Salchow. He also maintained a close relationship with Mr. Christophe Landon, a prominent violin and bow maker who significantly influenced his art.

Early in his career, Vladimir began amassing a collection of significant and rare French bows, including those by F.X. Tourte, Persois, Dominique Peccatte, Pierre Simon, Nicolas Maline, Pajeot, and others, which continue to inspire his work.

In 2006, due to the increasing demand for his bows and numerous orders, Vladimir relocated to the United States. He brought with him only the finest quality pernambuco wood, ensuring that all his bows henceforth would be crafted from the best materials available.

Upon his return to the USA, Vladimir connected with violinist/violist Mr. Eric Shumsky, son of the legendary violinist and teacher Oskar Shumsky. This association opened doors to elite players, many of whom acquired Vladimir’s bows. He also collaborated with David Krieger, the owner of the Summit Music Festival, offering support to young musicians through scholarships.

In the same year, Vladimir established his business in Belgrade, driven by substantial orders from the Belgrade Philharmonic and the Radio Orchestra of Belgrade.

From that point onwards, countless accomplished musicians worldwide have chosen Vladimir Radosavljevic’s bows to enhance their performances. His bows are exclusively represented by Mr. Philip Greenberg, a renowned conductor and expert, in collaboration with Mr. Sarn Oliver (first violin section of the San Francisco Symphony) and Aaron Reiley of Guarneri House.

Today, Vladimir Radosavljevic, the master bow maker, creates his exceptional bows in Savannah, GA, USA, and his hometown of Belgrade, continuing to leave an indelible mark on the world of music.

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