Introducing Sam & Danielle Payton of Payton Violins

Sam & Danielle Payton of Payton Violins

We are thrilled to announce that Sam and Danielle Payton of Payton Violins have acquired Sullivan Violins. Payton Violins will bring you the same exceptional craftsmanship, instruments and service that you have come to expect over the years. Our offerings, location and contact information all remain the same, so please come by the shop at 250 N Goodman St. and say hello. 
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I absolutely love my Sam Payton made Guadanini copy. It has a dark yet penetrating power and really kicks out fire in the 4 position and up!… Never bottoms out and yet has sweetness in the sound. Bravo!  
Owen Valentine

I have loved working with Sam on my instruments!  He is a first-rate luthier, craftsman, and restorer, and is extremely attentive to the demands of each musician working with him. His patience and calm demeanor are so reassuring.
Arnaud Sussmann

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