Stringed Instrument Repairs & Restoration

Backed by the experience and knowledge of our trained luthiers, Payton Violins offers a complete range of instrument and bow repair and restoration services. We are dedicated to helping musicians keep their stringed instruments in top condition. Whether you need a minor repair or a major restoration, our team of experienced luthiers is here to help. We offer a wide range of stringed instrument repair services and use traditional techniques and the highest quality materials to ensure that your instrument is repaired to its original condition and sound. We specialize in violin restoration and more.

Your One-Stop Repair Shop

Payton Violins is a full-service workshop offering repairs and restorations to all violin family instruments and their bows. From minor soundpost adjustments to large scale instrument repairs and restorations, our luthiers are well versed in sound evaluation and string selection and can assist you in achieving your desired sound.

Violin Repair Toronto

Repairs & Restorations

Our experienced luthiers are highly qualified to carry out any instrument repair and restoration. In addition to basic instrument setup and repair, we are also proficient in removing instrument tops to repair cracks, reset necks, complete interior patches, and more.

It’s not uncommon to see the tops of old instruments sagging under the pressure of the bridge and strings. As part of our restoration services, we make a plaster mold of the top and correct the deformity. Then, by pressing out the top and inserting a breast patch to maintain the original arch and intention of the artist, we are able to restore the original quality of sound and structural integrity of the instrument.

Instrument Maintenance

Instruments will maintain their sound quality and condition with regular instrument maintenance. It is a good idea to have your instrument checked out by one of our luthiers annually to check your instrument’s condition. They will check for any open seams or cracks, and any movement or wear that needs to be addressed or monitored.

A good clean and polish done by our expert luthiers will also keep your instrument from being damaged by dirt and rosin build-up.

String maintenance
Caring for your instrument

Musical Instrument Maintenance
Cello Bow Repair

Bow Repair & Rehair

Bows need regular care and maintenance, including re-hairing. A quality bow will need a rehair annually; professional and serious players will need it done more frequently.

Bow rehairs
Bow repairs
Caring for your bow

Repair Violin String

Over the past few years I have entrusted the care of my 1722 Stradivarius to Sam Payton.  Sam is a fine craftsman with great skill, a keen ear, and a calm and patient demeanor. 

For tonal adjustments Sam has a responsive touch which enables him to arrive at the sound I want with great efficiency; for repair work he has gone above and beyond so that my violin always sounds its absolute best. 

I couldn’t be happier and more grateful to Sam for his great care!

— Jennifer Frautschi

Not Sure What Repairs or Restorations are Needed?

Set up an appointment to have your instrument evaluated. 

We will review with you what repairs are recommended and will provide you with a free estimate.

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