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Best beginner violins for adult learners

Whether you are taking up a string instrument for the first time or are returning to the study of your instrument after a hiatus, Payton Violins can help you find the perfect instrument.

We recommend that beginning or returning adult violin players start with an advanced rental or one of our advancing instruments, allowing you to get a great tone right from the start. For beginning adults, we recommend the Modelo Italiano* and a woven carbon fiber bow. For more experienced adults, we recommend considering the Jay Haide or a comparable instrument, as it will give fantastic sound and projection.

Our adult violins can be paired with an entry-level Pernambuco bow, which will make it easier to produce a full, controlled sound. Among these, consider our favorite: Arcos Brasil Nickel Pernambuco bows. We provide the best beginner violins for adults, and are well worth the investment!

Violins For Beginners
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