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Instrument Rentals For All String Players

From students trying an instrument for the first time to more seasoned players looking to upgrade their equipment, try our viola, cello, or violin rentals before making the commitment to purchase. Regardless of their financial situation or level of expertise, we think that every musician should have access to high-quality instruments. We provide a variety of instrument rental options for string instruments as a result, assisting musicians in beginning their musical careers. We provide our customers with the finest violin rentals and more.

Instrument Rentals for Musicians of All Levels

Standard Rentals

An excellent choice for a new violin or viola player.

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Master Rentals

A limited number of Jay Haide instruments are available for rent from our inventory. A great option for superior sound.

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Advanced Rentals

Experience the responsiveness and sound quality of a higher level instrument.

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Instrument Rentals for Musicians

Up to 12 months of instrument rental fees can be used towards a purchase. We strongly encourage customers to consider purchasing after one year. Even if your child is still growing, you can easily trade up sizes or advance the quality of the instrument at any time with the Payton Sound Investment Guarantee.

Our minimum instrument rental period is set by the rough estimate of time it takes a musician to begin to feel comfortable and develop a small level of “mastery” with the instrument itself. Anything less is not enough time to fully form opinions on the musical qualities of the instrument.  

Earn Equity
Toward Your Purchase

Rental Fees Serve as Credit

Earn Equity
Rental Period

Three-Month Minimum Rental Period

Followed by Easy Recurring Monthly Charges

Please note: The Payton Violins Rental Program is NOT a rent-to-own program.

Payton Rental Levels

We have a comprehensive rental program that gives students of all ages access to instruments that meet their needs, are crafted to our standards, and are professionally set up and maintained.

We know that having a quality instrument will make playing easier and more rewarding for all. We offer three levels of violins & violas, and two levels for cello. All rentals come complete with an instrument, bow, case, bag tag, and rosin.

We also offer comprehensive insurance to give parents and adult students alike peace of mind. In addition, we always offer easy exchanges if you need to change sizes or rental levels at any time during your rental.

Standard Rentals

Our Standard rentals are an excellent choice for a new violin or viola player. Featuring Eastman 80s and 100 outfits, your rental is professionally set up to ensure maximum response and ease of playing. This level of rental is available for violin and viola, which come with a complimentary responsive fiberglass Holtz bow and shaped case.

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Advanced Rentals

Violins & Violas

Advanced rentals are a perfect option for an advancing student or the beginner who wants to quickly experience the responsiveness and sound quality of a higher-level instrument. These instruments are more resonant, open, and interesting, with more tone, color, and warmth. Our advancing rentals are wonderful instruments, featuring our Modelo Italiano or a comparable instrument. All violin and viola rentals are paired with a step-up carbon fiber bow and a lightweight dart-shaped case with integrated backpack straps and room for shoulder rest storage.

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Musical Instrument Rental
Instrument Rental Philadelphia

Advanced Rentals


Our cello rentals start at this advanced option. Many rental or beginner cellos have plywood backs, which makes resonance and responsiveness difficult to achieve. Our advancing rental cellos are an obvious step up that will help the beginning or advancing cello player quickly achieve a resonant sound. We do our best to ensure both beginning and advancing students have the opportunity to experience the joy and satisfaction of playing the cello. Fully carved from solid maple and spruce woods, our cellos are responsive with satisfying tonal quality. All cellos rented at this level come paired with a carbon fiber bow and soft cello bag. 

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Music Instrument Rental Pennsylvania

Master Rentals

Payton Violins offers a limited number of hand-selected, professional-quality violins, violas, and cellos from our sales stock for rental. Our Master level rentals are even more sophisticated and colorful than the Advanced rental level, featuring our Jay Haide a l’ancienne or comparable instruments. This level of rental enables a player to experience a great instrument that offers beautiful tonal quality and powerful projection while building up rental equity toward a purchase.

After being individually set up at Payton Violins, all Master rentals are paired with a responsive woven carbon fiber bow. Violin and viola outfits are paired with either a lightweight oblong or dart-shaped case and cellos are rented with a solid case for enhanced protection.

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Violin Accessories Gifts

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Monthly Rental Rates

Standard Level Rentals

Rental Fee Insurance
Violin (1/32 – 4/4 size) $18 $3
Viola (11” – 14” size) $18 $3
Viola (15” – 16” size) $20 $3

Advanced Level Rentals

Rental FeeInsurance
Violin (1/32 – 4/4 size)$28$7
Viola (12” – 16.5” size)$35$7
Cello (1/10 – 4/4 size)$37$8

Master Level Rentals

Rental FeeInsurance
Violin (1/4 – 4/4 size)$41$8
Viola (15” – 16.5” size)$52$8
Cello (1/4 – 4/4 size)$68$10

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Purchasing is always a great option. Owning an instrument is an investment in you or your child’s playing that will maintain its value over time. The Payton Sound Investment Guarantee with 100% trade-in policy makes it easy to continue to move up in size or quality levels. However, if you are experimenting to find out if a violin, viola, or cello is the right instrument for you or want to build equity towards an eventual purchase, renting can be a great choice. Payton Violins offers 3 levels of instrument rentals – standard, advanced, and master – so that our customers can rent the best instrument to suit their needs.

Payton Violins rental program is flexible to meet your needs. The minimum rental term is three months. After the initial three months, your rental converts to a month to month agreement with automatic payments to your chosen payment method. Your rental agreement can be terminated at any time following the initial three month minimum rental period. Simply return your rental instrument outfit to Payton Violins to terminate your rental agreement. No refunds are given for partial months.

All rentals include instrument, bow, case (or a bag for cellos), rosin, and ID tag.

Automatic monthly payments are processed to a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) or to a checking account. Two forms of payment, a checking account and credit card (not a debit card), are required. You select which form will be your preferred method of payment. The other form of payment remains a secondary, only to be used if we are unable to collect payment using your preferred method. We will notify you prior to utilizing your secondary payment method.

Please note: Rental charges are now being processed by Payton Violins and will appear as such on your statement.  

How are payments handled?

At the time of rental, you select your preferred method of payment – checking account or credit card. Payment will be processed monthly, generally the same day every month automatically. Please be aware that checking account payments do not process on Saturday or Sunday. If your normal process date falls on a weekend, your payment will likely process the Friday or Monday closest to your process date.

Your first 12 months of rental fees (excluding insurance and tax) are earned as equity credit. You can use your equity to purchase any like instrument of equal or greater value from Payton Violins. (i.e. A violin of rental equity can be used towards the purchase of a violin, a cello rental can be used toward the purchase of a cello, etc.) You can use the credit towards the purchase of the instrument you rent, but are not required to do so. Given our Sound Investment Guarantee with 100% trade back policy, we strongly encourage our customers to consider purchase when they reach the maximum of 12 months of earned equity.

Note: Equity cannot be used to purchase bows, cases, consignment instruments, or accessories. Rental equity will be available to use for up to two years after the closure of the rental account, after which time it may be forfeited.  

Payton Violins offers an insurance program that covers all regular maintenance (e.g., broken strings, slipping pegs, warped bridge, and bow re-hair), and accidental damage or theft from a secure location. You may stop by Payton Violins at any time to have a broken string replaced or damaged instrument/bow exchanged or repaired. If needed, we can ship a replacement string or instrument/bow. Shipping charges will apply. Call us at 585-325-7250 to request shipment of a replacement.

Insurance DOES NOT cover gross negligence, theft, or loss from leaving the instrument in an insecure environment (e.g. an unlocked car), fire/water damage, heat damage, damage due to excessive dryness, intentional damage, or shipping costs. We are not obligated to replace an instrument that is repairable.

If the renter declines our insurance offer, they will be responsible for all maintenance, damage, or loss, and we reserve the right to charge the cost of repair or replacement to any payment method on file. We must perform all repairs on rental instruments in house. In case of an out-of-town emergency, please contact us for authorization for a third-party repair.  

If you have purchased rental insurance along with your rental instrument, you are welcome to stop by the shop for a replacement if a string breaks or if your instrument needs repair. If you are long-distance, simply contact us and we will ship you a replacement. We are not responsible for the cost of strings purchased elsewhere.

If the instrument is damaged, please contact us immediately by phone or by bringing your rental to our location during business hours.  

You can changes sizes any time during your rental. Simply contact us to arrange an exchange.  

Payton Violins offers a 10% discount on second (and additional) instrument rentals. This helps musically minded families rent quality instruments for multiple players!  

Simply contact us and let us know you will be returning the instrument. You can return the instrument in person at our shop or ship the instrument to us, and we will end your rental contract once the instrument is received. Future payments will be suspended. No refunds will be issued for partial months.

If you are shipping the instrument, please include a note that indicates what name the rental contract is under, why you are returning the instrument, and the best method to contact you if any questions should arise.

Pack the instrument according to our packing guidelines and ship by a ground trackable method to:
Payton Violins
Attn: Rental Returns
250 N Goodman St
Rochester, NY, 14607  

Wooden bows are available with all Payton Violins rental instruments. The cost for a wooden bow with violin or viola rentals is $10 extra per month and $15 extra per month for cello rentals.  

Ready to Start Renting?

The quickest and easiest way to get the rental process started is by completing the online rental request form. After we receive your request, we will contact you by phone to confirm your availability, payment method, and pick-up or delivery preference.

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