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At Payton Violins, we specialize in crafting and selling a wide range of stringed instruments, including modern violins, violas, and cellos. Our experienced luthiers are dedicated to using traditional techniques to create instruments that are not only beautiful but also produce excellent sound quality. Trust our modern violin makers to craft your next instrument. 

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Searching for a new instrument or bow is an exciting step in any player’s life. However, it can also feel overwhelming given the number of options available. Let the experts modern violin makers at Payton Violins help you quickly identify options that meet your needs and give you room to grow.

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We always recommend students involve their teachers throughout the purchasing process. As experienced and trusted advisors, they can lend their expertise during your selection process. Invite them to accompany you to our showroom, listen to instruments during your home trial, or participate in a Zoom trial.

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Whether you’ve given us a call, came to our showroom to select instruments, or used our web tools to find your desired instrument, you can request a home trial of our instruments or bows.

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Payton Violins Makes It Affordable

Our goal is to perfectly pair musicians with their ideal instruments—without breaking the bank. We offer a variety of options through our Sound Investment Guarantee that help ease the financial burden of purchasing a new instrument or bow.

Payton Violins proudly offers our 100% trade back policy for any instrument or wood bow previously purchased from us as part of our Sound Investment Guarantee. We also often accept trade-in instruments and bows purchased elsewhere, just bring it in for an evaluation.

Payton Violins offers 3- and 12-month financing, so you don’t have to pay the bill all at once.

Rental Equity
Renters from Payton Violins can use up to 12 months of rental fees towards their purchase. Your rental equity can even be used towards a financing plan down payment.

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