A Focus on Making Music

From students trying an instrument for the first time to more seasoned players looking to upgrade their equipment, try our viola, cello, or violin rentals before making the commitment to purchase. Regardless of their financial situation or level of expertise, we think that every musician should have access to high-quality instruments. We provide a variety of instrument rental options for string instruments as a result, assisting musicians in beginning their musical careers. We provide our customers with the finest violin rentals and more.

Joining the Neighborhood of The Arts

Since starting our core business providing violins, violas, cellos, and their bows, we’ve always aspired to expand our work to support string players in more ways. By moving to our new space in The Neighborhood of The Arts, Payton Violins can now realize our dream of hosting live events to showcase local musicians and their craft. Our new space is steeped in supporting and promoting inspiration and opportunity for art and music for the community — which is directly in line with the Payton Violins mission!

An Inspiring Space…

Upon first entering the Goodman street location, you can’t help but be inspired by the beauty of the space. The ample room and stunning natural light create an inspiring backdrop for our luthiers to work and a calming environment to view and sample the fruits of their labors.

…Made For Musicians.

Due to the size of the new space, Payton Violins will now be home to three distinct trial rooms, allowing for a more comfortable and engaging customer experience. Not only will musicians be able to try out Payton Violins’ instrument offerings comfortably, but there will also be greater opportunities for musicians to perform concerts, host events, record performance pieces, and host master classes.

Join Us

The new Payton Violins performance space can comfortably accommodate audiences of 50 or more. Payton Violins is an intimate setting optimized for live acoustic music, with a balanced acoustic space.


Payton Violins looks to feature a steady rotation of musical performances, including classical, jazz, folk, and beyond – with concerts performed by musicians of all ages and backgrounds.


From master classes to live recording sessions, there will be a range of events presented at Payton Violins year-round.

Private Use

Payton Violins has space available for rent year-round. Whether you’re looking to host a photo shoot, recording session, fundraiser, or simply need a practice space, reach out to Payton Violins.

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