Bespoke Instruments for Adult Musicians

Best beginner violins for adult learners

Whether you are taking up a string instrument for the first time or are returning to the study of your instrument after a hiatus, Payton Violins can help you find the perfect instrument.

We recommend that beginning or returning adult violin players start with an advanced rental or one of our advancing instruments, allowing you to get a great tone right from the start. For beginning adults, we recommend the Modelo Italiano* and a woven carbon fiber bow. For more experienced adults, we recommend considering the Jay Haide or a comparable instrument, as it will give fantastic sound and projection.

Our adult violins can be paired with an entry-level Pernambuco bow, which will make it easier to produce a full, controlled sound. Among these, consider our favorite: Arcos Brasil Nickel Pernambuco bows. We provide the best beginner violins for adults, and are well worth the investment!

Staff Picks for Adult Learners

Performing Musicians

Performing Musicians

Do you play in a community orchestra, chamber ensemble, or at other community events?  You may be working with an instrument or bow that was originally purchased in your high school or college years, making it time for a higher-quality instrument.

Payton Violins can help you find the instrument or bow that significantly steps up your sound and instrument responsiveness and greatly increases your joy and satisfaction in playing.  We have a wide range of unique, excellent condition vintage European instruments as well as contemporary European workshop instruments.  

We also have a wide range of fine bows. A great bow can make a huge difference in your playing experience; let us find one that fits your playing style and pairs ideally with your favorite instrument.

Staff Picks for Performing Adults

Violins for Fiddlers

Payton Violins offers a wide variety of violins and bows perfect for experienced and aspiring fiddlers alike.

While technically there is no difference between a violin and a fiddle, there are certain violins and bows which are particularly great for this style of music. Fiddlers may not realize the benefits a quality instrument can provide them. Fiddling often involves quick bowing and transitions, so an instrument and bow that respond quickly will enhance your sound quality and articulation. A slow response will result in a muddy sound and get in the way of getting the instrument feedback that will help you grow and perform well.

In this video, Alyssa Rodriguez, a fiddle instructor and professional performer, outlines some of the special considerations for fiddlers.

Alyssa Rodriguez on Karl Werner-Breut Violin

Alyssa Rodriguez on Jay Haide a l’ancienne Violin

Alyssa Rodriguez on Ken Sullivan Violin #136

Alyssa Rodriguez on Aaron Miers Violin #21

Special Picks for Fiddlers

Musically Invested Players

Musically Invested Players

From the joy of growing in your musical skills to the excitement of playing with and for others, there are many rewarding aspects to playing a violin, viola, or cello. However, we believe the appreciation of a fine instrument is something you can enjoy each time you open your case.

From a financial standpoint, a fine instrument allows you to enjoy your passion with a sophisticated instrument that will preserve its value. Many fine instruments have appreciated in value and, while we cannot promise future appreciation, we know that well-maintained instruments will retain their value, giving players an opportunity to wisely enjoy a longer-term investment.

Payton Violins is proud to maintain a selection of instruments by historically esteemed makers. These instruments always come with our insurance certificates and/or certificates of authenticity from world-respected experts. We also represent a number of award-winning contemporary makers, including instruments by Ken Sullivan, whose work has built upon that of older generations to produce superior acoustic properties that will only grow with time.

Staff Picks for Investment-Quality Instruments & Bows