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Instruments for Professional Musicians

For the professional music maker, a premium instrument and bow are critical to your expression and success. A professional violin becomes an extension of the musician and is an essential tool for achieving your goals both musically and professionally. Payton Violins offers professional violins & other instruments of unquestionable quality and value that will enhance your playing and propel you to your next level of performance. At Payton Violins, we are aware that musicians in the professional field require instruments of the highest quality that fits their particular playing preferences and playing styles. To meet the demands of all types of musicians, we provide a variety of high-end instruments. We provide the best violins for professionals, and are well worth the investment!

Violin & Bow

Repair and Restoration for Professional Musicians

Payton Violins has worked on literally hundreds of instruments owned by professional musicians. From sound adjustments to complex repairs, you can trust us to restore your valuable instrument to optimal playing condition.

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Bows for Professional Musicians

A great instrument is only as good as the bow it’s played with. For professional musicians, we recommend budgeting around 25% of the value of the instrument on a good bow, as it’s the driver of sound quality and responsive articulation. A perfect addition to your professional violin, viola, or cello.

Professional Bows