Violin For Beginners

Best Beginner Violins, Violas & Cellos

Starting your musical journey with the right equipment is important. Many beginners start off as renters as a way to explore their musical interests, but others are already committed to learning their instrument and are ready to purchase. Regardless of whether you choose to rent or buy, our beginning string instruments for beginners are properly set up to ensure ease of playing and proper function.

Our SV 100 beginner violins violas, and cellos are excellent for new musicians. They come in a wide range of sizes and produce a clear, bright tone. You may also consider one of our step-up beginning instruments for smoother tone quality. Our top-selling Modelo Italiano* is a great option, as it provides the resonance and pleasing quality of tone for great sound right from the start.  You can trade up sizes or levels as your child grows thanks to the Payton Sound Investment Guarantee.

At Payton Violins, we believe that every musician should have access to quality instruments, regardless of their skill level or budget. That’s why we offer a variety of rental and purchase options to fit your needs. Browse our wide array of cellos, violas, and violins for beginners, perfect for those who are still developing their skills.

Staff Picks for Beginning Musicians

Bows for Beginners

Our SV 100 outfits come with a fiberglass bow. Caprice Cello outfits come with a carbon fiber bow.  All other instruments can be customized with your choice of bow (purchased separately). We recommend a carbon fiber bow or a woven carbon fiber bow for beginners for a stable playing experience. These bows compare favorably with many entry-level Brazil wood bows.

For committed learners, we recommend a Pernambuco wood bow that produces fantastic stability and sound quality.

Ready For an Upgrade?

As with our instruments, our bows are also available for trade-in as part of the Payton Sound Investment Guarantee. Wood bows have a 100% trade-in value for future upgrades and carbon fiber bows trade-in at 50%.