Advancing Students

Whether your child plays in a school or group orchestra and is excited to grow their skills or takes private lessons and is interested in a career in music, investing in a quality instrument and bow is a sound idea. Superior tonal qualities will enable and enhance their love of playing, especially if they’ve been playing several years, as a beginning level instrument will not respond to the demands of a more advanced repertoire.

When purchasing a student violin for those who wants to grow in their musical accomplishments, it is important to consider an instrument and bow that not only meet the student’s current needs, but that will provide headroom for growth without requiring them to “overplay” to achieve the desired response. Payton Violins has a wide selection of instruments that will enable the dedicated and aspiring student to play their best. Our high-quality workshop instruments, thoughtfully curated selection of antique instruments, and top quality instruments from modern makers provide a range of options for serious students.

Advancing Student Instrument Staff Picks

Bows for Advancing Students

Never underestimate the value of a good bow, as it can make a huge difference to a student’s sound quality and articulation. We generally recommend budgeting 15% to 25% of the value of the instrument on a good bow. Because so much of the musical action happens with the bow hand, we recommend spending a bit less on an instrument and a bit more on a bow.

Advanced Students

Committed teens who have taken on violin, viola, or cello as a serious pursuit need an instrument and bow that match their skill, goals, and quality of play.  At Payton Violins, one of the greatest sources of our team’s satisfaction is finding the right instrument and/or bow for the blossoming player.  Connecting with a fine instrument or bow is a momentous event in a serious student’s life, allowing them to express their musical skills at a higher level.

We take our part in this process seriously and curate instruments that will satisfy the most discerning players and their teachers. In addition to our Ken Sullivan Original instruments, we specialize in finding, restoring, and optimizing antique and vintage master-crafted instruments and bows. Browse below for some of our featured instruments and bows worthy of top level student players.

Staff Picks for Advanced Student Instruments & Bows